French Connection

Wardonia sold safety razor sets in France which although having the Wardonia name on them were slightly different to their British models in the design of the handle and guard. Many of the French sets were not sold in the British Isles and I’m sure this is true of perhaps Wardonia’s most interesting safety razor the Declic. Some of these razors were manufactured in France and others in Sheffield, but so far I have been unable to locate a French factory. Wardonia certainly had offices in Paris at 4 Rue Chapon, 4, in 1932 they were at 118, avenue des Champs-Elysees-8E,  later moving to 29, Rue Tronchet-8E and finally to 23 Rue Des Mathurins-8E.   I would welcome any information regarding the production of these French produced razors and especially any information regarding Roger Grunwald the inventor of the superb ‘Delic’ range of safety razors.

Je serais reconnaissant pour n’importe quelle information concernant la production de ces rasoirs produits francaiset particulierement n’importe quelle information concernant Roger Grunwald, l’inventeur de ‘Declic’, la gamme superbe de rasoirs de surete

Wardonia French Aluminium Compact RazorWardonia French Compact RazorWardonia Weekend French Razor Set
Aluminium boxed set with scripted logo on lid surface and rare French blade. Also seen with black razor guard.Bakelite boxed set with two piece handle. I know of similar sets without the Wardonia nameBakelite ‘Weekend’ set with metal handle, French blade and in original shipper
Wardonia Rutland Razor FrenchWardonia Standard Set Made in FranceWardonia Declic French Razor
English made ‘Rutland’ set for the French market, in red and blue boxes.‘Standard’ set in cardboard box with head made in France.Ivory ‘Declic’ two piece razor in hinged metal box, French design and produced.
Wardonia Declic French Razor PouchWardonia French St Leger RazorWardonia Walnut Razor Card Box
Brown ‘Declic’ in leather pouch with “Wardonia Declic” printed on the flap.Black English made wide spaced pegged razor in card box with lift-off lid. Scripted logo and ‘St. Leger’ printed on the lid.Walnut English made, wide spaced pegged razor in card box with lift-off lid. Scripted logo printed on the lid.
Wardonia Declic French RazorWardonia Razor French Traveller TubeWardonia Declic French Razor Metal Handle
Ivory ‘Declic’ in hinged metal box, with scripted and elliptical logos and the name ‘Declic’ printed inside the lid.Black self contained set in a matching bakelite tube, complete with 3 blades. Wide spaced head dates it to c1931Very nice metal handled ‘Declic’ in hinged box with circular and elliptical logos